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Add revenue and value to your business while helping your customers automate their chargeback responses and recover more of their revenue

Who Partners with ChargeSentry?

Your customers are getting chargebacks, so why not help them? We offer customized solutions for different types of partners.

Independent Sales Organizations (aka ISO’s)
Merchant Service Providers
E-Commerce Software Providers
Resellers and Referral Partner

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Why partner with us?

Stop sitting on the sidelines while you clients are getting chargebacks.


Revenue is the life blood of every business but adding another service to your business can be expensive and time consuming. Partnering with ChargeSentry will help you add revenue for your business without the added effort and cost of building a chargeback service yourself.

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Earn revenue for each of your customers that uses ChargeSentry.

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Generous and flexible compensation packages available.

Risk Insight

Over 70% of small and medium-sized merchants worldwide are failing to respond to their chargebacks, which raise red flags with risk managers and could jepordize their merchant account. We respond to your merchant chargebacks automatically, helping manage risk and improving transparency to the merchants business practices.

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Gain valuable insight into merchant chargebacks and business practices.

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Reduce the chance of having to terminate a merchant account with improved transparency.

Value To Your Merchants

Adding value is anything that improves your company's business, whether that's increasing sales, growing your customer base, providing better quality products to customers or being prepared for unique situations. Adding value to your business will help reduce client attrition and increase your revenue.

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Reduce customer attrition by offering additional value.

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Unique service offerings will help attract new customers

How we help your clients

Create lasting client relationships by providing valuable chargeback response services

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Increased recovered revenue

Help your clients improve their cashflow – they will thank you

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Saves Time

Average merchants can save between 30 minutes and 2 hours on each chargeback by using ChargeSentry

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Helps maintain a healthy merchant account

Transparency is key.  Responding to all chargebacks helps maintain a healthy payment processor relationship.

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Stop sitting on the sidelines while your customers are getting chargebacks. Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly ChargeSentry partner team.

How our partner program works

Partnering with ChargeSentry easier than you can imagine.

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Don’t worry; we understand that your company has many priorities, and ones that may already be scheduled out months in advance.  We can do most of the heavy lifting or make it as simple as posting a link.  We will work with you to identify the best path forward.

We offer various integration options; whether your company requires direct API integration or basic referral tracking; we will take care of everything.

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Once your program is ready, we will work together to help launch your new chargeback response service, training, support, and marketing.

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