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See how it works ...
It's not magic —
It's ChargeSentry!

Managing chargebacks is hard work. We're here to respond to and win your chargebacks automatically.

Powerful Features Help Us Win Your Chargebacks

We make responding to chargebacks look too easy. Too good to be true, right?

Our Signup is Painless

Your time is valuable and your chargebacks are piling up – you don’t have time to wait on a salesperson, negotiate a contract, and wade through a lengthy start-up process.  We start responding to your chargebacks within minutes of your signup.

No Assembly Required!

If you can copy and paste, then you can connect your merchant account to ChargeSentry – it’s that simple and only takes a few seconds.

We will connect to your payment processor and gather all the necessary details to respond to your chargebacks in a PCI-compliant manner, using bank-grade security.

Instant Payment Processor Connections

Other processors available

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We Enrich Your Chargeback Response

The details you collected during the original sale may be good, but oftentimes are not detailed enough to help you win your chargebacks.

Our AI-based technology will automatically review your transactions, customers, and chargeback details to identify missing critical information. Our systems go to work by collecting additional data about your customer, the transaction, and other details to enrich your chargeback response and fill in the gaps by providing the bank in-depth, fact-based evidence to help you win your chargebacks.

Tailored Chargeback Reponses

Other chargeback response services rely on outdated technology that requires you manually set up “templates” for each type of response, which doesn’t seem like a good use of your time.

Our chargeback response system will automatically review and cross-reference hundreds of data points to identify the ideal chargeback response format, details to supply, and more to give you the best chance of winning your chargebacks.


ChargeSentry is Easy to Use and Seriously Smart!

Intelligent chargeback response features that let you take back control. Sign up with ChargeSentry and let us respond to and win your chargebacks automatically.

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Automatic Support Ticket Sync

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence when responding to chargebacks is communication with your customer. This helps the bank understand that your customer was aware of your service and greatly increases your chances of winning the chargeback. We automatically connect to your customer support software, like Zendesk and Gmail, to gather communications between you and your customer.

Customer Support Software Connections

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Common Customer Alerts

Chargeback alerts are good, but imagine knowing what customers have a history of disputing transactions or are likely to charge back well before anything happens? We will alert you to common customers who create a chargeback with another merchant on our network.

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Never Miss a Deadline Again

ChargeSentry is always current.  Our system is constantly checking with your payment processor for new transactions and chargebacks so your reporting is always up to date and chargebacks are always responded to on time.

Do Nothing, A Little, or A Lot –
It’s Totally Up to You

We respond to your chargebacks on autopilot, but we understand that you may have some unique information or evidence about your customers.  If you choose, you can simply upload your evidence and it will be added to your chargeback response.

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Scale Without Any Additional Effort

Whether you get 1 chargeback a month or 1,000, your effort remains the same.

Many competitors may still require you to log in to their system and “do something”, or they may need to scale their remote staff to support your volume – not ChargeSentry. Our fully automated approach guarantees you no extra effort needed.

Stay Compliant with Chargeback Rules

Rules change often, and unless you respond to chargebacks for a living, you're not likely to know all the ins and outs of responding. It's our job to know.

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Make Your Life Easier by Having ChargeSentry Respond to Your Chargebacks Today

Stop your chargeback headaches today! Sign up with ChargeSentry and let us respond to and win your chargebacks automatically.